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EHASTT: Empowering hearts, transforming lives.

Our Mission
EHASTT empowers the disability and mental health community with personalised care, fostering self-reliance and growth.
Our Vision
EHASTT envisions a compassionate world where everyone's potential is recognised and embraced, leading to positive transformations.
Chance Ndume - CEO
He always intending to help people after going through homelessness and becoming a lived experienced. He brings a life-changing network started from the efforts with the hope that individuals who have potential can do something should be provided enough room to do so.
We empower lives through personalised care and unwavering support
Chance Ndume,

Why Choose EHASTT

Inclusive Services

EHASTT is focused on creating inclusive and innovative disability support services, embracing diversity and tailoring our programs to suit individual needs.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our full quality certification under the NDIS quality and safeguards commission requirements.


Our team possesses extensive lived experience knowledge, empowering us to understand your unique journey and provide meaningful support.


By choosing EHASTT, you make positive impact on your life. We aim to empower you, helping you navigate life’s challenges towards a brighter future.


Our mentoring programs create a nurturing environment, where experienced mentors inspire and empower mentees to reach their full potential.

EHASTT’s youth mentoring programs cater specifically to the needs of young individuals, nurturing their talents and guiding them toward a brighter future.

Through engaging and purposeful youth-focused activities, EHASTT fosters a sense of community and instills vital life skills in our young participants.

EHASTT’s in-home care service provide compassionate and professional support, ensuring individuals receive personalised care within the comfort of their own homes.

At EHASTT we engage in local projects, volunteer opportunities, and outreach activities, fostering unity and growth.

Our expert support coordinators work hand-in-hand with individuals and their families, guiding them through the maze of services and resources to create a holistic and empowering care plan.

EHASTT offers a comprehensive range of specialised aids and equipment, enhancing independence and improving the quality of life for individuals with special needs.

Our helpful living guide provides valuable insights and resources to empower individuals with special needs in navigating life, promoting self-confidence and resilience.

EHASTT’s dedicated team ensures efficient installation and ongoing support for assistive aids, enabling seamless integration into daily life and promoting self-sufficiency.


Everyone Has A Story To Tell

EHASTT, founded in 2021 by CEO Chance Ndume, is a transformative organisation offering unwavering support to the disability and mental health community. The personalised approach fosters self-reliance and growth, prioritising people over profits. Fully certified under NDIS.

Path to Empowerment
Together, we'll ignite your potential, guiding you towards a brighter, more promising future.
Empowering Transformation
We're dedicated to excellence, fully certified under NDIS, upholding the highest standards in all operations.
Continual Growth and Learning
We prioritize continual growth and learning for both our clients and dedicated professionals.


You are the foundation of all our actions; direct us to a common purpose and to work together effectively.


• Empathy for and charity towards the restricted.
• To ignite courage, aspiration, and conclusion •Act generously, giving without dignity.


• We believe that humanity is above all castes, religions, and races.
• Practicing social conscience and moral intrepidity to maintain the cause of quality education for all.
• Integrity in all our attempts and action.


• Treat everyone equitably, responsibly, and honorably.
• Appreciate the talents, struggles, and contributions of everyone.


• Modesty in victory.
• Honest and informed, facilitate trust and cooperation.
• Believe all victories are consequences of the coordination and generosity of individuals.


• Persistent and courageous at times of hardship; challenges are not hurdles to conquest but necessary for success.
• Flexibility and responsibility; real accomplishment is conditional upon constant endeavors.


• Everyone is a carrier of incredible gifts and skills. Everyone has unlimited prospects for improvement.

Your Journey Starts Here

In the depths of adversity, EHASTT shines a light of hope and strength.


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